The Flame: Poems Notebooks Lyrics Drawings by Leonard Cohen


“So I’ve come here to revisit

What happens to the heart”

The Flame is Leonard Cohen’s final work, a collection of poems, musings from his personal notebook, self-potraits intimately drawn by his own hand and more. It’s a walk through Cohen’s mind and heart, writing until his final breath, because those who make magic out of their words rely on them to make sense of this human experience. Cohen’s revelations were always in his poems, lyrics more than in any private diary.  When your heart leans towards poetry, you take every emotion and release it to a rhythm of your own. Cohen doesn’t need any flames fanned from lil’ old me, he has his following already, and each generation discovers him for themselves.

I wonder what would have become songs, had he been able to stick around with the rest of us a bit longer. Creative minds never cease as they reach the end, always self-aware, wide awake and being awake in this sometimes ugly, sometimes beautiful world is bittersweet. I find myself with different emotions with each page, this tickled me, for oh so many reasons.

“If there were no paintings in the world,

     Mine would be very important.

     Same with my songs.

     Since this is not the case, let us make haste to get in line,

    Well toward the back.”


Oh Leonard, you were never toward the back and your songs are lovely.

For fans and anyone that likes to take the time to ponder life and love. This is what is left of Cohen’s remaining days, with his burning need to always scratch the surface of his innermost thoughts and understand the world around him.

Publication Date: Out tomorrow October 2, 2018

Farrar, Straus and Giroux