Bizarre Romance by Audrey Niffenegger Eddie Campbell (Illustrator)


While this isn’t my usual pick, the moment I saw it was by Niffenegger, I had to request it. Wonderful illustrations accompany uniquely strange stories. The Composite Boyfriend is decent but something I think my younger readers would like. I enjoyed the tale of aging in Backwards in Seville, it is moving and heavier than the rest. There is something endearing about the drawing of Helene with scarlet lips, and lipstick smudges on the glass. Digging Up the Cat, seven years the animal rested in his grave, why the heck are the digging him up? Each tale is odd, it’s hit or miss, but always original. I’m just not always sure what was being said, whether the story tackled religion or art.

It’s a hard collection to review being as I don’t read graphic novels. Some of the stories left me confused. Getting Out of Bed is really good, one for the artists. It is a creative book, it’s strange because in some of the stories I preferred the art to the prose and in others the prose to the art.

I think it is for a different reader than me. All in all, it’s quirky tales that soar or confuse.

Publication Date: March 20. 2018

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