November/December Buzz Books Monthly by Publishers Lunch


I know we bloggers get our hands on these all the time, but I always like to support the Publishers Lunch and write about what ‘reads’ I’m longing to be fed over the upcoming months.

Under the forthcoming list, not samples
I read Janet Fitch’s forthcoming novel The Revolution of Marina M. I can’t wait to review it, if you have an interest in the Russian Revolution it’s perfect for you.

Elizabeth Berg’s The Story of Arthur Truluv sounds promising.

I don’t often read young adult fiction but I enjoyed Hilary Reyl’s novel Lessons in French, her latest about a boy in France living on the autism spectrum interests me. I can be picky about such novels though as my own son is on the spectrum, so I can’t bare anything written as if read from a textbook, where the character isn’t real. I haven’t requested the arc, but it’s on my to read pile.

One of the books I’m really interested in reading is The Last Suppers by Mandy Mikulencak. It’s said to be The Help meets Dead Man Walking and from the excerpt sample, I’ve already been moved.
Donna Everhart’s forthcoming novel The Road to Bittersweet has been on my radar for months. I absolutely devoured and loved The Education of Dixie Dupree.
Decent reads on the way for November/December My TBR pile is enormous! Happy Day


Hurricane Irma My Last Update

I promised reviews but with clean up, working ourselves into dehydration and the 7 day power outage it became a huge obstacle. My husband ended up admitted to the hospital and when I went to get him the next day I got sick and ended up in urgent care with an iv. We decided upon his release to escape to a hotel and got much needed air conditioning, naturally next to the theme parks they had power but unbelievably the next morning on a whim I opened the curtains to…. a tour bus on fire underneath the power lines (I have photos). No one was on it, we called 911, but I kept praying ‘please don’t explode and please… please do not take out the power.’ Stranger things do happen folks. Back home, all is well and I promise reviews tomorrow! Sigh…. I have to admit I spoke too soon last week about everything being good.




Hurricane Irma Update

Irma went through and really hit Brevard County hard, we don’t have power yet, but have been running the generator. Today we have cable and internet so happy day I can review again, of course- the heat is insane until power is fully restored. It’s been rough. Trees down, so there will be a long clean up. Just thankful. Watch this space, reviews over the next few days


Good Riddance, Hurricane Mathew

Gone, he is gone and now it’s clean up time but reviews to follow soon! I have power.


Hurricane Mathew be damned, if I go down I will be reading.

It may be a few days before I write more reviews, depending on power outages. I’m in Melbourne, Fl and we’re expecting a direct hit but we’re old hats at Hurricanes. I have my arcs compliments of Netgalley and Edelweiss and I was lucky enough to find a copy of Rabbit Cake by Annie Hartnet so I will be reading while the chaos goes on outside these walls. To my dear fellow east coasters in it’s path, here is hoping you are safe with your loved ones, as I am. So watch this space, as soon as it’s back to normal my reviews will be posted. The hurricane can’t stop a bookworm!