Lights Along The Interstate: A Novella by Adam Fike


Of all of it, day in and day out, this was the part of it that got to Warren the most. He called it the not having.

Life, everything about it, what we chose and where it takes us, whether our souls be muddied or clean someone is flipping a coin somewhere on the paths we chose to walk.  I sometimes hate the idea of punishment, where is the struggle for those who are never pushed to breaking, who have every opportunity, who haven’t truly had to go without, knowing choices aren’t all black and white. Let’s face it, you can go with your heart, your gut and life can turn foul anyway, it can break those who have no one in their corner and yet just be a simple lesson for those who have the cushion of wealth in their life. How would that really play out, do those with everything in life against them get extra points? Do those with everything in their favor lose points? Balance, ideally is a beautiful concept but life certainly isn’t spinning in balance, sometimes evil wins… here at least forces are at work. The bus is coming… where are the people going? What has their life amounted to? Can the devil get bored, tired of being ‘the bad guy?’  Can he fall in love?

Jesus and the Devil betting on people, it keeps things entertaining, and Jesus has his faith in his flock. The Devil just thinks Jesus is a meddler! A Reverend who can see the deceased,  a little girl who loses everything while at recess and has to learn to be a stranger in a house for orphaned children, wondering how her life changed so abruptly, a boy who knows all to well the horror of ‘not having’, a wife betrayed to the grave. Who will make it, who will ‘earn’ their way? What about a woman seduced by the thunder of a bike? Then there are pennies, and not all pennies fall from heaven. Evil can enter the mind, if we let it. Some work with the dead and others are the dead but we’re all headed to the good place or the bad, depending on how we lived our lives.

This was a fun little novella, it all comes together at the end of the road. Do we all “get an A for effort?” I sure hope so because being good isn’t always easy, nor rewarding but the alternative…

Published December 2018  Available Now!



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