Half-Truths and Semi-Miracles by Anne Tyler


Peculiar thoughts used to strike me back then. I wondered: When I cured the sickness where did it go?

Susanna’s gift enables her to perform healing miracles for the ill, but sometimes it just doesn’t work, maybe for a time it will give relief to some but not full recovery, hence Semi-Miracles. The gift is both blessing and curse, as loved ones drift out of her orbit uncomfortable with her strange abilities. Strangers travel from all over with the faith that she can heal them, even if she doesn’t always believe in herself or quite understand it.

The heart of the story is in who she cannot heal and what it costs her. This is a short, tender vintage story by Anne Tyler that is a little sweet ache to tide fans over until July when Clock Dance is out.

Available Now

Knopf Doubleday Publishing



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