October Buzz Books Monthly: Your Best Guide to Top Titles Appearing This Month by Publishers Lunch


I just wanted to mention 2 books from this launch I am excited about. One I am currently reading, the Tan memoir I have to wait to buy at the end of this month.

I am currently reading and reviewing Phil Harrison’s The First Day. So far, it is not quite what I expected, it is much more than a forbidden affair. It spirals and manages to be a quiet disaster. The writing is wonderful, Anna is living ‘in the aftermath of love’. It’s painful and brutal, and a complex love affair. I go from hating Samuel to feeling empathy, because he struggles! So for that alone, I enjoyed this Buzz Books Monthly, I chose The First Day because of it. Also, I am seriously looking forward to Amy Tan’s Memoir ‘Where the Past Begins’.

As a an aside, a novel about a pastor ‘family man’ having an affair seems worn out, but it isn’t in Harrison’s hands. I am spending my evenings immersed in the mess the character Samuel has made and this quiet story simmers.

I will share my review soon.

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