The Silent Corner: A Novel Of Suspense by Dean Koontz


“Was your husband… was Gordon at all depressed?” 

“Not ever. Some people throw hope away. Gordie was chained to it all his life, an optimist’s optimist.”

When Jane Hawk’s husband commits suicide it isn’t just her grief nor denial driving her to find out what really happened. Suddenly people are committing suicide, those who have never suffered from depression and have everything to live for. What is terrifying about his latest novel is the reality, how someone can easily be turned into an enemy, a bad person to turn in, because they know secrets of powerful people. What is more frightening then the control a group of people can have over any of us? This is dark, but the monsters are inside human beings.

It’s impossible to review this story fully without giving away what happens. It is soul corruption, it is viciousness and after reading it a little ‘what if ‘sets in… what if this really happened? It is the first book in a series and I can only wonder where Koontz is going to go with it. When Jane sifts through the lies, investigates the strange happenings more danger falls upon her and when she speaks to a widow, similar to herself, she couldn’t have known how evil would follow her. It’s interesting when human beings are more sinister than anything the mind can conjure. Who are the ever present they? Do you know? They who watch and control and say so much, the faceless they that so many listen to. The dead have left behind strange messages, notes that don’t always make sense but of course can easily be excused as ramblings of mental instability. What would you do if you were being pursued but didn’t know who was after you? What if you had to give up the only thing left that you loved more than life itself, because the ones after you were intent on taking it away? Where do you hide when ‘they’ have every resource available? Luckily she has skills herself from her former career.

Technology can be a beautiful thing, but too it can terrorize. We rely on it more and more, and when you’re ill, advances in treatment is the only life preserver- and who wouldn’t grab it? If technology cures us, what do we do with those that use it to harm? How do we know we can trust the hands that control it? These are questions the novel fired off in my brain. As the story gets deeper in, it becomes far more sinister, eerie. This novel brings mind control to a whole different level. It is a strange trip and I look forward to the sequel. Darn it, I didn’t want to get sucked into a series, but alas- it happened.

Strange, creepy new novel from Koontz…

Publication Date: June 6, 2017

Random House Publishing Group- Ballantine






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