The Whole Town’s Talking by Fannie Flagg


…and everyone was singing and dancing to the new tune “Lucky Lindy.”

Simpler times when happiness meant building a family, a community, when love sometimes had to be found through mail order brides, because there just wasn’t enough women to go around. Farmer Lordor Norstrom , the father of the town Elmwood Springs, Missouri finds love just this way with  Katrina, and through his land is the seed that feeds the mysterious cemetery. The oddness starts when he is buried there. Each town member is tied together, and when the end comes- they may find bliss in a town they may never have to entirely leave. The reader will come to know every member of the budding community as it grows over time. Were people ever really this nice, did they once really come together in such ways? Sometimes it’s hard to believe, but it’s a sweet reminder of the beautiful ‘ideal’ that towns were once founded on.

There are ticklish moments, such as the soldier who ends up in the wrong cemetery. There seems to be no end to the talking, to the reminiscing of the dead.  And just what is Michael J .Vincent’s intentions toward sweet Hanna Marie? The man who ‘loved her so much’ that he, a non-deaf person, learned sign language just for her.  You have to join the living and deceased of Elmwood Springs to find out.

The stories are snippets that takes us all through the lives of the townsfolk. Sometimes you just need a story that sets things right, in the end. If only real life played out as charmingly.

Publication Date: November 29, 2016

Random House Publishing Group  Random House


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