Hindsight by Mindy Tarquini


“My last life, I got to be Greek. But not in actual Greece. I got to be Greek in Northeast Philadelphia, a life almost exactly like the one I’m living now. Except I crossed myself in the opposite direction when I prayed.”

This novel has just the right amount of humor that I needed. There have been many novels about psychics and women with different mystical gifts, but not quite like Hindsight. Eugenia isn’t Greek this time, but Italian American and she can see many of her past lives, which becomes more fantastical when those she has been connected with before manage to be in her life again. The Virgin Mary (yes, you read that right) can’t seem to stop meddling and give her the only thing she prays for- the life that fits her, a good happy life, one as she wishes to live it. Currently she is keeping things simple, living unattached, trying to avoid a difficult tangled life- but is there ever such a thing? Life always finds it’s way in, doesn’t it?  She can refuse love all she wants, but you can’t be alive and remain unaffected.

A student soon reveals to Eugenia that the gift isn’t hers alone, there are others like her! She starts a support group and finds that hiding never works for anyone. Is each life more than another chance at perfecting herself? The people of the past, does she see them as they really were, the whole picture? Was reality colored? Can we ever really see people or ourselves fully, understand every action, thought, feeling, moment? All we have is our perception and even that is deeply flawed.  Every life has been a chance to be better, but what is better? Misunderstandings are something we all suffer from, like a blindness, whether we have a million lives or one. Hindsight is a funny gift, at some point we all have it, and can rue the mistakes we’ve made unintentional or not.

This novel is both comical and thought provoking. It is certainly uniquely entertaining, so if you are on the search for something different and humorous while also insightful, this is it.

Publication Date: November 8, 2016



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