Tell Me Some-Thing Real By Calla Devlin


“I feel like a scavenger, a young raccoon, rummaging for scraps of motherly affection.”

The three Babcock sisters are coping with their mother’s illness in different ways. For the vibrant beautiful  outspoken Adrienne, pious, sweet little Marie and quietly shy Vanessa everything they thought they knew about their long suffering mother’s disease is going to wither and fall away when she decides to help a fellow cancer patient Caleb. When Caleb and his mother move in, it is a welcome change from the responsibilities that once consumed the girls. Finally, each can focus on just being young, Caleb and his mother are like sunshine on the darkest of days! Vanessa is in the throes of first love, but her mother’s illness may darken the future she is hungry for. Their father is absent, busy with so many hours at work- depending on the girls to accompany their mother to a Mexican clinic for her controversial treatment. Sometimes it’s convenient not to see what is happening before your very eyes, and sometimes it takes an outsider to expose the fractures in your family.

When I first started reading, I thought “oh it’s going to be so sad, mother dying of cancer, children’s heart breaking slowly” but what happens shocked me, only to make me realize it was a shadow from the beginning- there to be seen if you just paid attention.` We are all fools, aren’t we, in our own unique ways? It’s hard not to talk about what happens, because it will give the entire story away- but there is so much I wish I could reveal and rattle on about. The girls are suffering, that never changes, their hearts are bursting with pain but not in the way you imagined.

Book clubs will have a heck of a time discussing this one. I truly enjoyed it, I think the love story wasn’t the point but it was an anchor for Vanessa, who so desperately needed one. I wasn’t reviewing this, just kept hearing people loved it and thought ‘ why not?’ I was angry and sad with everything that happened. Felt outraged alongside the girls and admit, I was surprised. Not your usual story!

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