Eden Hill by Bill Higgs


“Virgil was a practical man, not given to worry, and especially not prone to excitement.”


Virgil is not prone to excitement until he has competition. There is something charming about this book, the old southern touch. Gentle times, I suppose. It’s bad enough when Virgil has to compete with the new service station opening up but I was downright tickled with his wife being fed ideas about him through her women’s magazines. With a little probing from friends, articles full of signs that point to cheating or bored men, is it any wonder that women drive themselves crazy and more, their men? I thought ‘oh poor loyal Virgil’, and Mavine- well hell, how is a woman to know how a man feels when they aren’t moved to displays of passion for you?

Everyone has a thorn in their side, it seems, even the good Reverend. Being good is so hard when someone is a threat to your once stable existence. Sometimes a person can represent the very changes creeping into the small towns. Nothing earth shattering happens, but the story is much like a nice cold glass of sweet iced tea. The characters are lovely and sometimes you just need a nice reminder of simpler times, where people weren’t so rushed, and you knew your neighbors (whether you wanted to or not). A lovely read.

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Tyndale House Publishers


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