The Heart of Henry Quantum by Pepper Harding


“So Henry had to ask himself, what is the truth of this perfume?”  


Henry “Bones” Quantum is in a last minute search for a Christmas present for his wife, Margaret. Everything seems to flutter away from him, like remembering to buy a gift! Who can blame him with a mind that never ceases to wander? His entire existence seems to be a distraction. He is sweetly endearing, but sometimes his quirky kindness is his downfall. How much can happen in a day? A lot. Regrets are revealed, a run in with the one who got away, confessions as we hear both Henry and his wife’s side of things. Henry is all over the place, and as adorable as it can seem from afar, I can imagine it could be annoying too at times.  As Margaret reveals her guilty frustration with Henry, what tickled me most is as she meets with Peter, her own thoughts are just as disjointed as she feels Henry’s are. Henry isn’t the only one rushing in all directions, and it really isn’t about the perfume!

Each character wants to either discard something or return to it. It takes dear “Bones” time to figure out what he really wants. Unfaithful more to themselves than each other, until it dawns on each where they should be. Not ideal, but should people remain rooted to mistakes of the heart? Light, a bit funny, and at times immoral. But hey, that’s human beings for you. Oh the complexities of love, all the pitfalls, the comings and goings of lovers, all the confusion… What do any of us know what is contained in the hearts of our loved ones, or even our own?

Publication Date: October 4, 2016

Gallery, Threshold, Pocket Books

Gallery Books   General Fiction


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