The Lesser Bohemians by Eimear McBride


“And the bareness of him, down to the bone.”


The writing style has a poetic rhythm that won’t work for everyone. It took me a while to really flow with the story, it isn’t my usual pick. There is raw emotion, the sexual energy that happens when a young woman is discovering her body, her womanhood and exploring an older man. The story is about a young Irish girl Eily,who comes to London for drama school and falls hard for an older actor (of some acclaim). He, of course, is much older and heavy with the years life puts on anyone. Untried as she is, she is somewhat insecure and naive until he peels away her reserve and hits every raw part of her. The characters are wrecked, wounded, messy!  It’s a novel full of passion and strange poetic prose but I had to have a very quiet spot to read uninterrupted otherwise I lost my way. It’s one of those books that I feel a young audience will devour (by young I mean young adults), I have read similar literary fiction in this vein that people in their twenties love. For me, it was admittedly hard to follow. When I was swimming through the writing, I was moved. There is a world of difference between a young girl (a clean slate, with her whole life before her) and a more worldly jaded man with so many years clinging to him. He has a sort of hidden life he has not been a solid part of. There were moments of confusion for me, but what I absorbed was the intense hunger of youth and the heaviness of choices and mistakes and age. There are going to be people who absolutely love this novel. I liked it, I just didn’t always find myself absorbed enough. It’s unique and an emotional, raw story that takes a relationship that’s been written about often, and turns it into something else. This is almost a dreamlike walk through love, if anything else the style made me feel young and confused. There were times when being inside her mind reminded me of Anais Nin’s journals-so rich in confessions, so hungry for experience and living. This is far more stream of consciousness I suppose.

Public Release Date: September 20th, 2016   Crown Publishing Hogarth

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