Bookworm Alerts: Some Books I am looking forward to reading!

Certainly there is a lot of great fiction coming out soon, and within 2017. Here are just a few for now that I wanted to put on an alert list for fellow book nerds


The Guineveres is out in October 6 2016 from Flatiron press. I keep hearing so much about this novel. Here is hoping I receive the arc for review.


Ann Hite writes stories about Black Mountain, I enjoyed all of her novels and you don’t have to read them in any order to enjoy each but I would recommend it. Certainly her family history is one rich with material. I am excited about Sleeping Above Chaos, forthcoming from Mercer University Press September 1, 2o16. My favorite Black Mountain fiction by Hite is Ghost On Black Mountain. I will be adding reviews of all her books soon. I am playing catch up with my blog, since I always posted on goodreads.


The Golden Hour by T. Greenwood sounds amazing too. I enjoy all of her novels. We have to wait until February 2017.


Another author whose work I stumbled upon a few years ago, Ami Mckay’s forthcoming novel has her brewing something witchy! Having followed her on facebook as a fan I was privy to the book as she shared the artwork and fonts. Love the cover, and it sounds fantastic. The only sad thing is we have to wait until October 27, 2o16 by Orion. The Witches of New York has Moth from the Virgin Cure return. If you haven’t read it, do. I enjoyed all her novels.



From Tin House Books (love books they publish) Swimming Lessons by Claire Fuller is another novel I am excited about. The beauty of letters hidden that answers questions, written to her husband in thousands of books he collects before she disappears leaving her home, children Nan and Flora behind sounds like a story that is going to tug on the heart. Here is to hoping for an arc, but it will be coming out February 7, 2017. Waiting is so long… there are some very beautiful covers this year and next.


The Nix by Nathan Hill from Knopf Doubleday Publishing Group will be out August 30, 2016. I have heard about this book from many readers. It’s about a boy whose mother left him when he was young and when he sees her one day, on the news throwing rocks at a presidential candidate he needs to find out all he can about her. Is she a radical? How does his version of facts about her differ from what the media ‘knows’. It sounds humorous and interesting. What to do but write a tell all about his mother? Oh I see one heck of a story here!


Here is a growing list that I will certainly be adding to. This list is just a drop in the ocean of books to look forward to. I’d be remiss to not add Alice Hoffman, though I’ve already reviewed her forthcoming novel, which I loved. I have posted it on my blog already. I also reviewed Bryn Greenwood’s novel All The Ugly and Beautiful Things which already has fellow reviewers talking. Pick them up as soon as they are published, you will not be disappointed.









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