The Gospel According to Johnny Bender by Dean Lilleyman


“Bad things happen in good stories though, don’t they Blackbird.”

One for the reader who wants something unusual and off the popular shelves.

This was strange and a bit more edgy than my usual read. I hate rating it because it seems to be a unique genre in it’s own right. Luckily on my blog I don’t have to worry about star ratings! This story is like being drunk itself. I had moments where I had to go back and read again just to keep my head straight. It is dark and who do we, the reader, trust in this story set in the village Endendale as it is having another carnival decades after the first in 1979? “Remembering is like pretending…” as pieces of a puzzle past to present come together, the telling is eerie and strange. Some people do seem to be stuck in time here, from what terrible thing happened in 79. And just what happened is shocking and a slow reveal. So much happened. Some of the people are terrible, and are they worse than Johnny Bender? You have to read to find out. Read to know what happened to the young drowned girl. Wrong choices, mistakes, meanness, confusion, cracked skulls. I will never look at carnival gold fish the same again. This is perfect for those that love indie fiction, a stray from the mainstream formula. There will be some people that can’t follow it because of the all the conversations with ‘blackbird’. You have to sink into the unique style and flow down that river with the dead as the party goers dance oblivious to how time stopped for one. Disturbing.

Urbane Publications

Publication Date: July 7, 2016


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