Asking for Love by Roxana Robinson


“Asking for love is the saddest thing in the world, and if you have to ask, the answer is too painful to hear.”

When love crumbles, everything you collected about each other is tainted, unwanted even. “We had been in different countries all along, speaking to each other in different languages.” When love ends there are casualties, and if children are involved there are complicated knots when you start fresh. Children are learning the new dynamics, mothers and fathers are having to depend on strangers to help raise and watch their children. Sometimes in these strangers the door to danger is opened, and you didn’t see it coming. In building new lives and grabbing for love, children are forced into a dance they don’t know the steps to, of figuring out what is accepted and what isn’t. Pushed into a sort of play-acting, until they learn the rules of this start up family, of not knowing what to say or how to behave, these children are untethered and confused.
Loneliness leaves a person famished for love, anywhere they can get it, be it loveless relationships that give comfort or those with strings. You half hate yourself for needing someone to cling on to, after shedding years of marriage and knowing now you are just strangers who resent everything you gave and told of yourself.
The ex is often like a phantom, left behind in decorations, children’s faces, rituals and habits. Meeting someone who has just divorced, others are drawn into ridiculous games of subterfuge, because they don’t want their ex to know and talk about you to their friends. Welcome to the adult world of second chances, where love isn’t just about two people.
Affairs, divorces, marriages of convenience.. this isn’t the sort of love you dream about when you’re young and idealistic. In the story ‘Slipping Away’ there is a little of us in each character. The dissatisfied wife who is having an affair, hungry for excitement and passion and the husband James with his strange behavior, at one point most people have been the weak one, stooping to spy so as not to be party to betrayal, as if you could stop it all.
This is a collection of grown up love stories, for those who navigate complicated situations.


Open Road Integrated Media

Publication Date: June 21, 2016


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