The Virginity of Famous Men by Christine Sneed


“The speed of life is what kills most of us, one way or another.”

This is a wonderful collection of stories. While the saddest is “Five Rooms” and maybe the most meaningful, I absolutely delighted in “Roger Webster Would Like To Stay”. Is he a ‘product of a dream’ or a real ghost? We all have different phantoms. In this case, it is a quirky story (my favorite kind)…
The characters in this collection are wonderfully realistic. I absolutely felt my gut sink reading “Beach Vacation”. How often do stories address mothers dealing with such sons. Entitled, spoiled, selfish, vain- the sort of boy everything comes easy to, females especially and the mother sees it painfully clear, feels his nastiness with every biting comment, lashing interaction. She loves her son, of course mothers love their sons, but the pain of knowing her son isn’t turning out to be the best person, too his dismissive attitude towards his mom… well… this story settled well with me, because aren’t there enough stories of the happy perfect mother/son bond that lack the reality of in ‘Beach Vacation”?
Enjoyed these short stories.


Publication Date September 13, 2016  Bloomsbury USA





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