The 100 Year Miracle: A Novel by Ashley Ream


Meddlers, people are always mucking about in nature, in miracles. While I didn’t like the characters (I need to cling to either hatred of them, admiration, love just like living people) I feel there was a story here. It is magical and not, it is greed at heart but for a purpose- I know I am being contrary here, and vague- but I don’t want to ruin the story.
The Artemia lucis are mysterious creatures that could do more than glow, they may well cure people. But as with anything else in this balanced universe of ours, it’s not always glorious good that comes of it. Add science into the equation and the hunger of human intention and watch everything go to hell. From the start Rachael’s illness clouds her pursuit of a cure, sometimes when it’s personal you lose your scientific sensibilities. Her hunger to cure herself, and others-she swears, is why she manipulates and forges ahead, making choices she shouldn’t. The darkness is within, and there is a little mad scientist in the Doctor.
The marrow of the novel, in my little opinion, is in the illnesses. Rachael hides hers, and that is maybe the most human side of her. People generally either share illness woes or keep quiet about them, it’s all personal. It’s easy to imagine how far people would go for a cure for their suffering, much further I think in a cure for their loved ones. Medicine, home remedies, glowing creatures… let’s face it- when you’re sick, dying what wouldn’t you try? There are questions raised here, book club folks. The ending…hmmm… I am still not really sure how I feel about it. This book is more science fiction to me than say magical or even dark, as in the vein of Flynn. The writing is good, the story is interestingly different but left a strange aftertaste. I’m still not sure how to take it.
I wanted to care about the characters, the only time I warmed up was when Harry was revealing his difficulties in dealing with his illness.
Good, but not what I expected.
Flatiron Books Publication Date May 24, 2016

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