A Strange Little Place: The Hauntings & Unexplained Events of One Small Town by Brennan Storr


Some people cannot read or watch anything related to ghosts or the unexplained at night or when alone. Why is that? Particularly for hardcore skeptics. Sometimes they go mad just talking about it. Why are you creeped out about something you don’t even believe in? Well, with this book there are accounts of ghosts, strange dreams, lights- you name it. It’s always interesting that something so strange effected a person or terrified them so much that they have carried the memory into adulthood. But when someone can’t explain something they blame it on the person’s wild imagination, don’t they?

Whether you believe or not, this book certainly tickles your curiosity. I get a kick out of discussions between people who swear by science, and others with a spiritual bend because everyone can agree they just aren’t sure and can’t quite get to the bottom of things. Ghost stories, UFOs- this is fun stuff. We like to be spooked, we like the unknown, it’s a nice escape… unless maybe you’re being abducted or living in a haunted house… ah well- joking aside… I have to admit, there is something interesting about children seeing people that aren’t there only to find out the description sure sounds like someone who once lived. Every town (for the most part) has their ghost stories and haunts. Many places have UFO sightings or strange creatures and personally I think there is something fun in not knowing, skeptic or believer.
These stories were interesting, some sweet, some scary others sad. I always find stories of ghosts seen standing by highways or reoccurring sightings of the dead in certain places fascinating. I have heard first hand accounts everywhere I have lived of hauntings and ghosts, and despite spiritual beliefs of other cultures, there seems to be a common thread when it comes to the dead. Food for thought. Most people can remember strange encounters or even just surreal dreams? It’s always a real conversation starter.
While there are people that scoff at the paranormal, I have always found even skeptics get caught up in the confessions and stories people have of things they just can’t explain. I admit, I love such conversations.
Enjoyed this book. Read it, but maybe not late at night by yourself, as it’s storming out 🙂

Llewellyn Worldwide, Ltd.
Pub Date: Aug 8 2016

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