Your Father Sends His Love: Stories by Stuart Evers



“It is a curse of old age to one day assume you have said everything, and the next assume the opposite.”

Of all the stories in this collection ‘There are Days’ is my favorite. It doesn’t require a long drawn out explanation of what happened to make Ben’s son so angry and resentful towards him. That estrangement becomes a guest of it’s own as soon as his granddaughter Anna visits (which he embraces happily) and her father finds out. Maybe he was uncommunicative or hard on his son- whose to say, but he writes letters to Anna and his intention is just to be her Grandpa, not to hurt his son. The story is short but it rings true in how we misunderstand the intentions of others, and none more than our own family. Does Ben deserve to suffer lonely exile for all the grievances his son has against him? I don’t know. But there is something tender about his feelings for Anna. The story was unexpectedly touching.

This is a lovely collection of relationships about men mostly, and beautifully written. Something for everyone to get you a bit emotional. Yes, read it.

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