Siracusa by Delia Ephron


“Although you never know in a marriage who is responsible for what, do you? Husbands and wives collaborate, hiding even from themselves who is calling the shots and who is along for the ride.”

True words to be sure. This novel didn’t take me where I expected to go and at the end I just thought to myself ‘did that just happen?’. This is one hell of a tale! Every character is full of crap about something, hiding their deceptive natures, manipulating each other and no one seems to know what is going on in front of their eyes. Oh they judge each other, be sure, but in other matters, about themselves they are clueless. Taylor and Michael know that Finn and Lizzie might mean more much to each other than their spouses do, but Taylor is too busy suffocating her strange child Snow with motherly attentions to even bother to confront the possibility of the two carrying on. Michael, Lizzie’s husband- the gifted writer, has a complication of his own that has stolen his head-space and I can’t say all the things I want to or I will destroy the entire story! The reader gets into everyone’s head and no one is without fault. Snow is the most curious character of all, flirting almost with creepiness. Snow’s behavior and antics are funny and exhausting for those of us with children, and you still want to love her at the same time wanting to steer clear. How a seemingly simple story about two couples and a child vacationing together in Italy became an eye into the hard reality of marriage and the outside forces that always take a bite out of that love – I cannot say. More baffling is how a story I then thought was going to be about complicated love turned into a creepy tale, all I can say is she pulled a bait and switch on me. I loved every moment of it! Delia Ephron did a fantastic job of pulling me along.
A few lines I loved follow, and I know it’s not the final copy but I was a highlighting fool.

“There I am looking like winter on a June Day.”

“Spoken words are irretrievable. They can be bombs.”

“A secret is something you can play with, to keep or give away; a gift or a poisoned dart, it can be either.”

“You are a long trail through the woods,'” she said. “And in the woods people prefer a shortcut.”

“During our short life as a couple, his attraction to anyone or anything other than me was constant and indiscriminate.”

Read this book!!!


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